For several years I’ve been saying to myself that I must get this food blog up and working. I made a half -hearted attempt at the end of last year, and the previous year but simply didn’t have the time to produce more than a very clunky effort that took far longer to update each post than it ought to have done.

I’m not suggesting that I have more time on my hands now, far from it, but I have

Bombay Potatoes

Bombay Aloo

created a far simpler and I hope better site. During that time I have continued to use my #ParlezPantry hashtag on Twitter so I shall be porting some of those ideas and recipes into here as we move forward.

As I populate the site and consequently as you navigate it I hope that you begin to get a sense of what happiness creating something can bring, to all who enjoy it.

I have several ideas of how this site can work and I aim to enhance the features as the content begins to grow.

I hereby promise, again, that I shall do far better than just using the hashtag in future; with the exception that I truly mean it this time, that’s commitment.


Author: Ghyllfoot

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