Originally written in December 2016:

It has just occurred to me that I made a promise at the start of 2016 to produce either a downloadable .pdf of recipe ideas or create a Web site for #ParlezPantry. Due to my long and heavy workload it has come to week 50 of 2016 before I have even put fingers to keyboard and hence this blog shall be simple in its first instance but shall grow in complexity and content over time. 
As the title says …in the beginning all that existed was me pottering around the kitchen creating food for my young family whilst tweeting away the many vagaries of everyday life. I tweet from the kitchen mostly, I tweet a lot, and so the two roles worked well together.

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As I have explained in the rules of #ParlezPantry (and I strongly urge you to read these rules, they are my bible), historically, I don’t follow recipes, nor do I weigh or measure ingredients but I have had to change that somewhat to accommodate this site.

A little over 4 years ago I hit on the idea of grouping food thoughts and tips under the Twitter hashtag of #ParlezPantry, that way if my girls wanted to gain an understanding of how something was presented or prepared it may serve as a source of knowledge for them, at the same time we started to write a small series of recipes in a book so that when the girls leave home they will at least be far better prepared than most to look after themselves, and, appreciate decent, honest, home-cooked food.
The term #ParlezPantry refers as much to the table where the food is eaten as to the kitchen where it is prepared.
It is fair to say that I taught myself to cook late in life, I served in the RAF for 24 years and for the first 5 years of that I was eating in the Mess and no cooking was permitted in the living accommodation. After that, and in 1988 I married but to be perfectly honest my first wife wasn’t a talent in the kitchen; I did what I had to do for the sake of self preservation. Thankfully, I’ve moved on.
Within #ParlezPantry I shall post a variety of ideas and tips to assist with your cooking, there are no jars, no packets, no ready-made ingredients, everything is from scratch. In time there shall be a children’s section whereby my girls will post recipes but only after they have made and tried them themselves. Everything they post will be their own creation of ingredients; they are very passionate about cooking and I can only wish that if they can encourage a single child to experiment and give it a try then we have all succeeded.
What #ParlezPantry is not:
This is not a professional chef’s Web site so please don’t expect an insight into the catering industry or the life of a chef. 

This is not a photography Web site so please don’t expect beautiful images of perfectly lit creations. #ParlezPantry is a working kitchen, not a location for white umbrellas and stage lamps.

Now, please take a few minutes to go and read the Rules to gain an understanding of my thought process and over the Christmas period I shall begin to add some blog posts for you. In the meantime, if you wish you can view the past 4 years of the #ParlezPantry hashtag and please do feel free to use the tag to request a specific item or to make suggestions; there is also the contact form on the About #Parlez post page should you wish to expend more than 140 characters.
Thank you.

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