Barbecue took its first breath in the early 1500s, when enslaved Africans found inspiration in the local Native American cuisine.

As Africans sought to preserve their autonomy in the face of extreme persecution, they developed a food culture unlike any other.

Cutlets are the most expensive cuts of lamb, but are also the most delicious and tender.

I use 2 per serving but the cost can increase rapidly so serve double the number of guests or half the recipe if you have plenty of other food available and want to lessen the expenditure.

Alternatively, keep it at 2 per serving but make it the focal point of a particular single dish. These are 7 day dry aged cutlets but you don’t need to specifically seek them out.

Do not overcrowd the grill so that as fat drips from the meat and ignites you have the option to move the meat around to avoid charring.

As stated in the Char Siu Pork recipe, either a charcoal or gas BBQ is fine, use what you prefer and always use whichever you have to hand.

Download the .pdf from this link: Barbecue Lamb Cutlets