I’ll be truthful, it wasn’t until my illness just prior to turning 55 that I developed a sweet tooth; always the starter, never the dessert. If I had something sweet it would be caramel and even then perhaps every 5 years or so, I never received an Easter egg as it did nothing for me, then one day it all changed.

Nowadays, if I don’t have a box of Millionaire Slices on the go or chocolate in the fridge I have to go to the reserves, the second option, it has been demoted, savoury.

This cake is a classic, old fashioned, yet a quick and easy chocolate caramel cake option. Soft, and moist with caramel icing to indulge oneself in on a sunny day in the glass room.

Best served in silence.

Download the .pdf from this link: Chocolate Caramel Cake