Fantail Shrimp are most commonly found in Polynesian Chinese restaurants. Being Oceania that and the whitebait location makes this the 7th continent out of 7 for a dish on this blog.

Whitebait are most frequently found in New Zealand. In many rivers īnanga, kōaro and banded kōkopu make up most of the whitebait catch, with īnanga being the most common species.

Once the shell is off, check to see if there is a black line running down the back of the prawn. This is the intestinal tractm if it’s black, it’s full. It’s not harmful to eat, but the prawn looks better without it. Of course, you can live off it but it tastes like… and apart from Crocodile Dundee who wants to s***.

Removing it is called ‘deveining’. Using a small, sharp knife, make a shallow cut along the length of the black line, then lift it out using the tip of the knife.

Download the .pdf from this link: Fantail Shrimp with Tomato Kebabs and Whitebait