Whilst most people assume that Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken are pretty much one and the same they are not, they have differing flavour profiles. Neither is a hot curry, but then again, they are both extremely popular throughout the world and both could be considered a gateway to Indian cooking.

Murgh Makhani was first created in India in 1948, whilst Tikka Masala was first created in the 1970s in Glasgow; it is fair to say that you couldn’t get two more diametrically opposed ends of the culinary spectrum.

Definition: Fond – refers to the little browned bits of food that are often stuck to the bottom of the pan, skillet or baking dish, especially after searing meat or poultry. These browned bits are pockets of flavour that you do not wish to waste.

Download the .pdf from this link: Murgh Makhani Butter Chicken