You simply do not need to purchase or build your own purpose built pizza oven.

For many years people have been able to cook good pizza on a pizza stone, a very cheap inlay to your oven that heats the base.

Personally, I use a thick sheet of food grade steel that sits in the oven midway up and pre-heats to at least 1 hour to ensure a crisp base. My oven tops out at 275C but with the steel in place it takes that area to circa 450C, close to a wood burning stove but obviously still not at that level, however, it is easier, cheaper and far quicker to clean-up.

This recipe will also ensure that your pizza slice is perfectly aerated, with a light and fluffy crust, and, will stand up as a slice without having to hold the pointed end thereby also giving you a nice leopard spotting on the crust due to the oil.

This is sufficient to yield a 12″ to 15″ pizza.

Your pizza, your rules!

Download the .pdf from this link: No Pizza Oven – Pizza