On Tour – Rome Part Three

Piazzale Gregorio VII 33, 00165 Rome, Italy.

Attentive staff, great value and very good food

Having read numerous good reviews of Goose we were excited to try the food and overall experience for ourselves, especially as it is only a 3 minute walk from the apartment we had rented and an equal distance from the Vatican. So, we reserved a table yesterday for this evening.

Arriving at 7pm we were the first of the evening as the doors had just opened, from the very first greeting we were made welcome and felt comfortable. During the next 20 minutes the restaurant filled up with a good mix of both locals and tourists.

The waitress was most pleasant to my girls providing not just the starter we had ordered but also a free plate of olives, stuffed peppers and artichokes which was most welcome and went down very well.

The Goose has some very good house wine and at €6 for a half bottle or €10 for a full bottle the price is set perfectly.

Goose Rome

Goose Rome

In addition to a litre bottle of mineral water, sparkling, our food of mixed bruschetta, tonnarelli with scampi and porcini, fettuccine bolognese, taglioline frutti di mare and a chef’s salad all hit the spot beautifully.

At the end of a very busy week my girls were very tired so dessert was not really an option though that didn’t stop the waitress supplying a free lemon sorbet to each of us, another welcome surprise.

In summary, a most welcome experience with great food, a very friendly family environment, good attentive staff and all the above cost a mere €51; superb.

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Author: Ghyllfoot

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