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Panico Ristorante, Via Di Panico, 42, Rome, Italy.

Overpriced, poor quality, mediocre service, disappointing.

Great location, everything downhill from there.

The restaurant was empty yet we were shown to the rear by the toilets which soon became a major passageway for people and I had to keep moving my seat inwards.

We ordered an evening meal of spaghetti al pesto, spaghetti al mare, and two pizzas along with mineral water, sparkling, and 2 large beers. The service was at best, mediocre, the beer at least was cold.

Both pizzas tasted as though the mozzarella was past its best and the base was very soggy with no flavour.


Panico Risorante

The spaghetti al pesto was simply a teaspoon of pesto with seemingly a teaspoon of oil and not worth €4 let alone the €10 charged, the same for the spaghetti al mare.

We spent circa 45 minutes in the restaurant and certainly did not receive the quality expected when spending what turned out to be €90.

This is somewhere I shall a) never revisit and b) never recommend.

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Author: Ghyllfoot

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