Rules of #ParlezPantry

There are very few rules, however…:

  • Wine:
    • Don’t cook with it if you wouldn’t drink it.
  • Wine:
    • I have no rules regarding whether white wine must accompany fish or whether a red wine must be paired with a rabbit stew; you should just simply try to match the weight of the food with the weight of the wine and #FFS have what you enjoy.
  • Recipe:
    • This has been a major problem for me as I’ve never followed a recipe but have had to adapt and change that thought process so that each action I take in the Pantry I have had to write down for use within this site.
  •  Recipe:
    • No matter what a recipe states, ALWAYS mature each dish according to your taste, cook longer, cook less, add more, add less, you are the one serving your creation, stand by your work.
  •  Weights and Measures:
    • Another problem area for me as I have always added a bit of this, a touch of that, thrown this in, poured that in without ever weighing or measuring anything, but now I have had to take the time to actually consider what I just did or am about to do so that I can accurately record it for you.
  •  Salt:
    • Rarely cook with salt, use it sparingly as seasoning on meat or in pasta water, NEVER make it available at your table; however, let your guests know that it is available should they require it. Take this advice, if only for your health?

Author: Ghyllfoot

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