Given that this is the Monaco F1 weekend I thought it fitting to conjure a new sandwich idea befitting of the location and of course, in keeping with the history.

The high (haute) and low (bas) Mirabeau corners literally [sandwich] the famous hairpin and are named after the old Hotel Mirabeau, nearby. As the cars drift majestically around the hairpin you get to savour them in their resplendent style, and for some, their glory.

You could buy some sour dough or, delight yourself further if you invest a little time and very little effort in making the Pagnotta, see the recipe as outlined in the ingredients and in the Notes. Likewise, make your own Paneer instead of halloumi.

Bayonne ham is a specialty of the countries of the Adour basin. A ham with flesh of a uniform dark red colour with a variable thickness of fat. Cut into thin slices, it simply melts in the mouth, is of a delicate flavour and a little salty. The headquarters of the Bayonne ham consortium are located in Arzacq-Arraziguet, in BĂ©arn.

Pagnotta, Crusty Italian Semolina Bread


Download the .pdf from this link: The Mirabeau